CYB3R Security Operations is a project orchestration company originated from the operational split of SecOps – InfoSec Army initiative activities. With its unique operational process and business model is capable of combine and allocate absolutely any infosec resource in the world dinamically into your company projects.





Unbiased, custom-made offers for your organization


CYB3R Security Operations is a project orchestration company. We have an unique operational process and business model that is capable of allocate absolutely any infosec resource in the world, combine different sources of offers, and allow you to use them dinamically to fill your company’s needs of infosec resources.


We see projects from your point of view, and analize all factors that matter to you, like your organization size, information security maturity, financial resources, business model, operational capabilities, etc… to create a fully customized offer, combining different professionals, companies and solutions providers from all over the world.


We have a global network of associates, composed by infomation security companies and independent information security specialists, present in more than 22 countries, forming a multidisciplinary group of more than 2.000 specialists that is capable of providing any information security need that your organization may have.

How we work

Identify the NEED

We'll sit down with you and really understand your problems, investigate the causes, fully comprehend the size of your organization, your market, security maturity, investment capacity, risk profile, etc...


Focus is everything . You focus on your company's business. We focus on the security. And we'll use this know-how to coordinate the projects your company needs. Our company gatters very best specialists, in the most diverse InfoSec competences, and those talents will supervise the professionals allocated to execute the projects on your organization.


After helping you understand the problem, we will assemble a team gattering professionals and companies specially chosen to suit your needs. From a universe of offers and resources, we'll find the perfect one to fully fulfill your expectations.


You company deserves the best, and to deliver this, we will monitor very close the performance of the professionals allocated on the projects, discuss this avaliations along with your staff, working togheter to adjust as necessary and provide you unprecedented levels of excellence and control over the final result.


As we reach, broader and wider resources, we are able to create special and unique projects no other organization can, as our resources are not limited as they are. We will use this to design meaningful and specific solutions specially made for you company


After all this, we'll review the results, conduct quality evaluations, and present you with the results, helping vizualize what has been done, and what are the next steps.

What we do

Here are some examples of how we can help you achieve your company’s Information Security needs.

Security Assessment

Not your ordinary Security Assessment. CYB3R Security Operations thru its unique corporative structure and exclusive project methodology is able to coordinate the offers of several different parties in one fully-integrated offer. That way your organization gets the best offers from the market inserted into a single project.

Outsourced InfoSec Analyst

Hire and specially retain high qualifed information security professionals is a extremely difficult and expensive task for organizations. From the selection process thru taxes and other factors, is a headache your company may not need. Our Outsourced InfoSec Analyst takes this weight from your shoulders and put on ours. You get the professional, we worry about with the rest.


Why hire one when you can rent them all. Our vCiSO offer will allocate a fixed senior Information Security Architect on your company, so he can act as your CISO, however we will allocate all InfoSec resources neeeded by your company, in the remaining hours of the contract. That way you organization have all the InfoSec resources it needs by a fixed monthly invesment.

Trust Advising

It's extremely easy for an InfoSec expert to convince a person with lesser domain on the subject of his argument, even if it's wrong, biased or it could be done better. You focus on your companies issues, we focus on Information Security. With our Trust Advisor offer we can help you avaliate and coordinate any infosec related project your company may have, with any InfoSec company on the market


The GDPR is already a reality. Plus, similar laws are currently emerging in several countries on the globe.A Data Protection Officer is at the same time a requirement and a challenge to hire. Our vDPO offer can provide you a better solution. We will allocate not one, but a multidisciplinary team formed by lawyers, data carving specialists and compliance experts to fulfill your organization needs regarding this matter.

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerabiltiy Assessment. Pretty standard right? Well nothing on CYB3R is standard. Want to lower your costs using a highly qualified Indian pentesters team? You got it. How about a completly blind process where dozen of professionals got some pieces of information, but only our team knows who you are? Done. Want capable professionals for the main process, but a world renowned specialist for a specific part? Done and done!


The CYB3R Security Network (CSN)

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The CYB3R Security Network is a network of companies, InfoSec professionals, researchers, specialists and consultants, located all over the world,  gattering knowledge and expertise on more than 29 InfoSec Competences, this resources are then orchestrated by CYB3R Security Operations on your company’s projects. We constitute an independent entity that coordinates the allocation of this resources, dynamically on projects, creating custom-tailored offers, 100% impartial, specific created with your companies needs and particularities in mind.

Need a Fraud Prevention specialist and a company focused on IoT Security in the same project? Done. How about having an renowned GDPR specialist, that is currently happily working for a large company in Europe, revising other privacy protection specialists work on your project? You got it.

Our unique operational model, allow us to fully optimize the use of the available Information Security resources, reducing the Cyber Skill Gap, providing unprecedented levels of  customization and impartiality for your projects, with lower costs and completely focused on your companies needs.